Working in Analog

I’ve been working on a lot of websites recently. And while I love everything about creating a website – strategy, planning, content mapping, design and development, there is something magical about print design. It’s more tactile – the the paper, the binding, the way ink sits on a page – it’s much different than digital.

I’m working on a new print project to develop internal communications for a national non-profit. I was presenting a few new concepts to the client and it was critical the design didn’t feel too finalized. My solution was to create some very rough mock ups with good old hand-sketches, an x-acto and markers. We did a video conference and the client was able to see the pieces as I interacted with them, got a sense of scale and options in a way that an on-screen PDF mockup couldn’t have done. The presentation resulted in the client signing off on all 4 concepts.

Although I begin each project – even websites – with a process of hand-sketching, this recent interaction has made me appreciate physical mockups and the value of putting pen to paper. Time to reinstate a daily sketching ritual!